Guitar Effects Pedal Repair

I have been repairing guitar pedals & rack FX since 1980. A few customers out of state in last few years called because they could not find anyone local to repair their pedal or to repair it reliably. Their amp guy didn't want to mess with it or couldn't fix it.

For out of state customers only, a flat rate of $60 includes return shipping, UPS ground, or USPS.  The flat rate covers  parts and labor and return shipping for most small 2 to 4 knob simple pedals, like overdrive, boost etc...

Chorus, Analog Delay & Digital pedals are quoted a repair price after diagnosis. If estimate is declined, a bench diagnosis fee will be charged for the diagnosis and to cover return shipping.   Turnaround varies, approximately 1 to 2 weeks average from time it arrives to time it ships out.  Please call before shipping any pedal in for repair. Shipping address for repairs is Protronics, 5030 N. May Avenue, Suite 422, Okla. City, OK.  73112