Tubes for sale

In stock: tubes from Mesa Boogie, Sovtek, JJ, Electro Harmonix, Tung Sol & others.

Bring in your output tubes for free testing on our Maxi Matcher 2.  This shows 2 parameters on digital display,  plate current, and transconductance, tested at 325 or 400 volts.

Tube Tester

We also have a tube curve tracer to test any tube, power or preamp, however we do not offer free testing of preamp tubes at this time. 

Older tube testers from the 50's & 60's often test tubes at a lower voltage than they see in circuit, and often miss certain failure modes. Older tube testers do not account for noise or micro-phonics.  Matched tubes are a wise investment for output tubes. Matching within a few milliamps bias current is about the best you can do. Tubes drift over time, so whether they are perfectly matched when you install them, within hours of playing time, they can start to drift a bit.